Our group

A passion for biscuits for over 20 years...

In order to preserve the richness and unique expertise associated with traditional Breton biscuit-making, Loc Maria Biscuits has united several brands and plays a major economic role in France and abroad on the premium biscuits market.

Our expertise

Historically, our expertise focuses on three iconic Breton recipes: the crêpe dentelle, the galette and the palet.

For each of these three world-renowned specialities, we strive to offer delicious, crunchy biscuits presented in high-quality packaging.

Our pastry chefs, technicians, packaging experts and quality specialists work every day to preserve our recipes and produce a large number of top-quality biscuits in packaging that ensures they reach you in perfect condition.

Our story

  • 1990
    Creation of the Loc Maria Biscuits Group by Chairman Christian Tacquard.
    Its mission is to unite and perpetuate the high-quality skills embodied by artisanal and regional biscuit factories to ensure their development. The group's first acquisition was the Gavottes® biscuit factory in Dinan that same year.
  • 1993
    The Loc Maria Biscuits Group expands its expertise through external growth, acquiring several biscuit factories and pastry companies: Alizé in Plomelin, Les Galettes de Pleyben, Bulher in Besançon, Les Biscuits Mistral in Semur-en-Auxois and Jos Péron in Coray.
  • 2012
    Acquisition of the Traou Mad biscuit factory in Pont-Aven. Having mastered the production of three key Breton biscuits (crêpes dentelle, galettes and palets), the Loc Maria Biscuits Group positions itself as a specialist of premium Breton biscuits. 
  • 2015
    Loc Maria Biscuits created a subsidiary in Philadelphia (US) in order to nurture its growth on the North American market.
    Gavottes and Traou Mad are named Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company). A unique label awarded by the French State in recognition of the traditional craftsmanship and industrial excellence of certain companies.
  • 2016
    Official opening of the new industrial site in Lanvallay (22), where the famous Gavottes® crêpes dentelle are produced.

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Our vision
Our desire is to unite expertise recognised by connoisseurs in the biscuit-making industry. Combining the best ingredients with a perfectly mastered manufacturing process guarantees the consistent quality of our biscuits. 

Our mission
Our intention is to foster moments of happiness as you enjoy our delicious, high-quality products that evoke childhood memories. 

Ethics charter
Our group’s ethics charter defines the relations we strive to establish internally with staff and externally with customers, suppliers and financial partners.